Lexington Man Stabbed Seven Times During Burglary

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Police were called to an apartment off Harrodsburg Road Saturday night after neighbors say they heard cries for help coming from a nearby tenant.

That same neighbor tells 27 NEWSFIRST she saw two men run from the room. That's when she called police.

Police arrived to find one man, 30-year-old Michael Owsley, stabbed several times. He was taken to UK hospital and is now in fair condition.

Police were able to catch and arrest two people, Jason Prather and Omar Gomez-Hernandez for assault and burglary.

The two were arraigned Tuesday in court on those charges and are being held on $17,500 bonds.

Tuesday afternoon, police arrested two more people in connection with the crime. Omar Cruz and Jennifer Gunn have been charged with complicity to commit assault and burglary.

Police say the four people were after prescription drugs.

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