Dozens Of Dogs Found Living In Filth; Owners Arrested

It is a scene that has left a lot of people stunned.

A home in the Sand Springs area of rural Jackson County was discovered, covered in almost one hundred dogs, some dead, some alive.

The yard is littered with their corpses, animals dying because their owner couldn't take care of them.

We're told people who live in Jackson County would drop off unwanted dogs at the home, but it appears those good-intentions got a little out of control.

Law enforcement officials responded to the home after a complaint from a neighbor.

Crews, dressed in suits usually reserved for chemical spills and meth lab cleanup, went into the home to remove dogs, dead and alive.

Sheriff Tim Fee says there were 70 dogs found alive outside the home, in addition to 14 dead dogs. He says there were more inside the home.

Officials say the conditions were some of the worst they've seen.

Two people have been arrested, charged with animal abuse: Tim Foust and Shawn Embs. A third person could face charges.

A 13-year-old boy who was living inside the home was put into state custody.

The dogs that are still alive are being taken to the Gray Hawk Animal Clinic for treatment Right now the Gray Hawk Animal Clinic is in desperate need of supplies to care for the dogs and they say you can make a donation to the Gray Hawk Animal Clinic, PO Box 387 Mckee, KY 40434.

You can also reach them at 606-287-8475.

From there, the animals will be sent to local animal shelters. We're told some dogs will need to be put down because they are too sick.

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