Petroleum Price Shopping: Is It Worth the Cost?

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It can be a fast and furious quest to find the least pricey petroleum. If you are one of the folks who will zoom from station to station to save a little might want to ask yourself, is it worth it? 27NEWSFIRST wanted to put that to the test by filling up a standard sized sedan. The car's 18 gallon tank gets about 18 miles per gallon in the city.

We cruised New Circle Rd. looking for a deal. The highest price was $3.34, the lowest was $3.18. That fill up for $3.18 instead of $3.34 (a difference of $0.16) saved us $2.88 cents.

Sounds good right?? We still had to calculate how much gas we burned up with all that searching. In 5.7 miles we burned up $1.03. a little subtraction tells us ultimately we did save by shopping around-- $1.88.
But don't start cruising yet, that's not always the case. For a standard sized car you have to find gas prices that are at least ten cents apart to really make a difference.

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