EKU Talks About Alleged Hazing Incident

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Eastern Kentucky University officials are talking about an alleged fraternity hazing incident over the past weekend for the first time.

They explained how they received a call Saturday, alerting them to the alleged incident and about how spring break is slowing down their investigation.

Marc Whitt, the Associate Vice President of Public Relations, and Dr. Mike Reagle, the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, say they got a call Saturday that a student was in the hospital. A family member says it was because of a hazing incident.

Reagle says the fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi was immediately suspended. It's campus policy to suspend a chapter after allegations and he says the national chapter has done the same.

"They have issued a cease and desist order until the investigation is complete," said Reagle

All Greek chapters are located on campus in the residence halls. Neither Whitt nor Reagle will say if the alleged hazing happened in a dorm or at an off campus location, but they do say police are not involved at this point because there has not been a criminal complaint filed yet.

Whitt says EKU Student Life is investigating as is the national chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi.

Campus is quiet now but when students return from spring break Reagle says "members of Kappa Alpha Psi will have some questions to answer." They plan to talk to each and every member about the alleged hazing.

He says Eastern has a no tolerance policy on hazing and Greeks undergo classes and lectures to learn about hazing and university policy.

If the allegations hold true, punishment for Kappa Alpha Psi could vary depending on the severity of the incident. It could range from a slap on the wrist to suspension of the entire fraternity.

Mike Reagle says this fraternity just recently returned as an organized chapter at EKU. He says they were on campus years ago but had disbanded for a few years.

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