Reburial For Human Remains Found In Construction Site

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When the developers of Brannon Crossing Shopping Center found 2 gravestones on the land behind a Hobby Lobby, they contacted Cultural Resource Analysts Inc. who determined the graves were those of 6- month-old Hiram Alderson and 2 1/2-year-old Andrew Jackson and that they died in 1833 & 34, respectively.

Alexandra Bybee, an archaeologist for CRA, says, "We were able to excavate what few remains there were and now if these children can be re-interred in a modern cemetery where they probably won't be disturbed again, that's a good thing."

The reburial ceremony took place at Maple Grove Cemetery after an act of generosity by Bellerive Developers. They paid for the grave and the tiny cherub caskets the boys remains were buried in.

Andrea Lear, who works for that company that developed Brannon Crossing told 27 NEWSFIRST, "To us, it was the respectable thing to do to give them a final resting place. That's what we would want for ourselves so we wanted to return that to them."

No skeletal remains of the 2 children were found at the Brannon Crossing site, but Alexandra Bybee says there's a logical explanation for that.

"It doesn't look like they were interred in coffins. They were probably wrapped in a shroud or a blanket and the remains of kids that age disintegrate more quickly than adult remains would," Bybee said.

No living descendants of Alderson or Jackson have been discovered in Jessamine County, but even if no one ever visits their new grave site, the children can now rest in peace.

Diann Cundiff, the Funeral Director at Hager and Cundiff Funeral Home in Nicholasville says, "Everybody should have a sacred ground, a hallowed ground where they can rest for eternity. They won't be moved again."

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