Animal Cruelty Suspect Speaks Out From Behind Bars

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From the Jackson County Jail, Shawn Embs tells his side of the story. First reading from a letter he wrote in jail.

The letter states he was just visiting his cousins who live there, Tim Fouts Robbins and his wife Amy Fouts. Both of whom were also arrested and charged with the same crimes.

Embs says while he was staying there he never noticed any of the cruelty that was going on around him and that when he last visited the home it wasn't as bad.

He says this time the stench was so bad... he wanted to leave but his Uncle had already left.

Embs also says he was planning on telling someone about the house but was afraid that Tim Robbins would hurt him somehow... so he kept quiet.

He's now in the Jackson County Jail being held on a $10,000 bond. His co-defendant, Robbins, has posted his bond.

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