Man Steals Thousands Through Check Scam

The search is underway for a man, who police say is stealing thousands from Kentucky banks.

Law enforcement has dozens of surveillance pictures of the suspect, but detectives have no idea who he is. He's escaped with around $50,000 from Kentucky banks.

Money in the driving world often comes in the form of ComData, credit cards or checks. The comchecks can be used for advances and other compensation. Police say is passing bad comchecks across the Commonwealth.

"He's not, per se, committing a robbery in the manner he's doing it. But he's using the ComData check the same way robber would pass a note that says "give me your money for five grand." A lot of times you won't get that in a bank robbery,"said Detective Tim Marcum in Hardin County.

Police believe this man's seeing a manager, forging a signature, then walking over to the teller and getting them to cash the fake check.

There are cases in Hardin County as well as from Owensboro to Oak Grove. Investigators believe the suspect has hit many more banks here in Kentucky and other states.
They say there's a possibility he may have help. Police also think the man could be a trucker.

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