Lexington Helps Abused Dogs

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Friday, the Lexington Humane Society loaded a truck with 500 pounds of dog food and supplies and delivered it to the Gray Hawk Animal Clinic in Jackson County.

Volunteer Ladd Bovey, who stayed to work there after making the delivery, said, "Hopefully, the truck load of food we brought down here will go a long way toward perking these guys up."

The abused dogs don't really care where the help comes from. They just want to be fed and loved, and the volunteers seem to be just as happy as their furry friends now.

Bovey told 27 Newsfirst, "I'm a regular volunteer at Lexington Humane Society, and to do something like this, where there's urgent need makes you feel like you really had a sense of purpose in getting up this morning."

In fact, many of the volunteers have simply fallen in love with the adorable dogs and wish they could take them home themselves, but it's nice to know that good homes await.

After discussing the situation with the staff at the Gray Hawk Clinic, Bovey said, "It looks like as soon as the court order is lifted, the dogs will be spayed and neutered and out the door."

And, the one overworked veterinarian at the clinic is finally getting some help from professional vets willing to chip in and donate their services.

You can almost hear the now pampered pooches barking their thanks.

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