Scramble On To Get Left Out UK Fans The Game

ATLANTA, GA. -- 27 SPORTSFIRST in Atlanta is reporting that IMG College (formerly Host Communications) and Big Blue Sports are working with "Stats" a sports bar on Marietta Street in Atlanta, to show the noon game for U. K. fans shut out because of the smaller venue.

They also report many hotels and sports bars in Atlanta are scrambling to carrying the UK- Ga. game for fans who traveled to Atlanta but will not be able to attend in person because of limited seating. The game is to be played at noon.

SEC officials decided early today to move the tournament to Georgia Tech's Alexander Memorial Coliseum with a seating capacity of 9,100. The Georgia Dome, stormed damaged last night, has a basketball capacity of 26,000.

SEC officials are limiting attendance to, "players' families, cheerleaders, bands and those with working credentials, no more than 2,000 per game."

Early today, the 27 SPORTSFIRST team reported that, for instance, the Marriott Marquee has made accomodations to carry the game in their sports bar and in their restaurant bar. The WKYT-TV sports team says many other hotels and sports bars are scrambling to make similar accommodations.

UK fans who will not be able to attend, should consult their hotel or motel management, for information on where to see the game.

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