SEC Working On Refunds For Fans

The SEC is working on a way to refund big blue fans who couldn't see the cats in action over the weekend.

A tornado ripped through downtown Atlanta on Friday night, forcing SEC play from the Georgia Dome to the Alexander Memorial Coliseum at Georgia Tech.

The move meant thousands of fans couldn't see the cats.

At this point, the SEC says if fans bought their tickets from a scalper, they may be out of luck when it comes to a refund.

The SEC says it will announce a refund policy on its web site at and that same announcement will also be made on the UK website.

However, the UK ticket office tells 27 NEWSFIRST it's likely the refund process wouldn't begin until next week as the SEC is also hosting part of the NCAA tournament in Birmingham, Alabama.

Courtney and Alberta Allan of Lexington tell 27 NEWSFIRST they spent thousands of dollars on their trip to Atlanta. They were just two of thousands locked out of Saturday's game against Georgia.

"We were devastated, we couldn't believe it. And what are we going to do now?" said Alberta.

The two had to watch the game on television from their downtown Atlanta hotel, one of many buildings in the city that suffered damage from Friday night's tornado.

"I will never forget the sound, it really did sound like a train," said Alberta.

Courtney says it looked like a bomb went off, "the only way I can describe it, it was like a war zone," he said.

The Lexington couple say it was a relief UK made it into the NCAA tournament so they will get another chance to cheer on their favorite team.

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