Pilot's Family Speaks Out About Plane Crash

There's new information about a plane crash in eastern Kentucky that injured the pilot. The small plane went down last week in a remote area of of Bell County.

The pilot, Emory Hurley, was the only person on board. He survived but suffered a serious head injury.

Hurley's family says he was flying home to Pikeville when his engine quit and he tried to make an emergency landing at an old strip mine.

"He couldn't see the power lines, no one can. That's a pilot's worst fear, you cant see the power lines from the ground, and he clipped the power line or a guide wire connected to a pole and it flipped the airplane and spun it," said J.P. Hurley, the pilot's brother.

Hurley's family tells us he suffered a concussion and bruising on the brain. They say he wants to fly again when he recovers.

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