KY Presidential Primary May Matter This Year

It's very likely Kentucky votes will matter in this year's democratic presidential primary, which is extremely rare.

The race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama probably won't be decided before the May 20th election and there have been some reports Clinton may soon visit the state.

Kentucky Democrats are preparing for a busy spring and the strong possibility of presidential campaign 2008 rolling right through the Bluegrass.

"I don't think excitement even explains the level of enthusiasm Kentucky has right now," said Jennifer Moore of the Kentucky Democratic party.

On May 20th, votes for either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in Kentucky will matter. The race between the two is tight and neither side is expected to grab the required delegates any time soon.

Reports of a Clinton campaign stop are not confirmed, but both candidates will eventually come to Kentucky and come May 20th, this state will be in the national spotlight.

60 delegates are up for grabs in Kentucky. Voters here and in Oregon could play a key role in deciding in May who represents the party at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Both candidates are expected to see Kentucky as pivotal in their political maneuvering.

"The results will be talked about all over the nation. Kentucky participated in super Tuesday in 1980, but there were other states that night," said Secretary of State Trey Grayson.

But perhaps the most important thing for voters here is that it will be the first time in decades that the presidential primary will mean something.

If you aren't registered to vote, you must sign up by April 21st to be able to take part in the May primary.

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