Vigil held for child abducted by father

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MOREHEAD, Ky. (WKYT) - A community held a vigil Monday night for a 5-year-old Kentucky girl investigators say was abducted by her father.

Maayimuna N'Diaye hasn't been seen since December. The U.S. State Department says her father took her to Mali in West Africa.

It happened days after a Rowan County judge ordered the girl's parents to share joint custody.

A vigil was held at the Morehead Community Federal Credit Union Monday, which was Maayimuana's fifth birthday.

"So having her birthday is bittersweet," Noelle Hunter, the girl's mother, said. "Happy she can celebrate her life. I know she's alive, but it hurts."

Hunter says just after Christmas, the girl's father, Ibrihim N'Diaye and their daughter boarded a one way flight for Mali, which is in west Africa.

"There's been no direct contact between me and Muna," Hunter said. "I've tried to go legal channels but my heart says get on plane go and take her but it's not safe."

While she hasn't seen her daughter since last Christmas, Hunter says she's finding strength in family, friends. and most of all her faith.

"This is expression of faith that she will come home we have done everything humanly possible now need Divine assistance," Hunter said.

While Hunter has pursued ambassadors, state officials, and even federal agencies with no results, she is still confidence her daughter will one day return to her arms.

An arrest warrant for custodial interference has been issued for the girl's father.

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