Marlowe Valentine Back In Kentucky

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A Lexington murder suspect, who police say took off from jail while on a medical pass, is back in the bluegrass.

Marlowe Valentine was extradited to Kentucky last week from Wisconsin.

That's where police say they caught him and his fiancee. The two fled from the bluegrass after Valentine got a medical pass from a judge allowing him to go to the hospital and get treatment. Instead he skipped town and headed to Wisconsin.

Valentine, who is accused of killing a man during a burglary back in 2005, told 27 NEWSFIRST one of the reasons he cut and run is because he's not a killer and didn't deserve to be in jail.

However, he does admit he's guilty of taking advantage of a judge's decision to allow him medical attention.

He apologized for that saying, "I want to say I’m so sorry to Judge Bunnell for what I did. I hope she can find it in her heart to forgive me."

Valentine's trial date for the murder of Hector Morales has not yet been set.

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