Two Charged With Stealing Thousands In Merchandise From Store

Two men are facing charges after police say they stole thousands of dollars in merchandise from their former employer.

Terry Paige and Josh Larrison used to work at the Lowe's in Winchester.

According to a police report, Paige and Larrison stole everything from hand tools to washers and dryers, and even lawn mowers.

Officials think Paige may have also been trying to resell some of the items in Stanton.

Officials think the stolen items may be worth as much as $90,000 all together.

Police say Paige and Larrison were arrested last week. Both have since bonded out of jail.

Paige also works as a volunteer firefighter in Stanton. He's been suspended from that job, pending the outcome of an investigation.

Both Paige and Larrison have also been laid off from their jobs at Lowe's.

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