Child In Car During Dangerous Police Chase

Police were trying to stop Curtis Dunlap to serve outstanding felony warrants but they say he wouldn't cooperate. Officers say they never imagined it would end this way.

One car with a demolished front end, another car with its front end buried in a building and one of the drivers sits in the back of an ambulance. That was all after a high speed chase with police ends with a crash at the corner of Dixie and Bernheim.

The officers were looking for a suspect that supposedly had several felony bench warrants on him.

Police say the suspect blew through the intersection, smashed into a tan passenger car, then lost control crashing into the building. But during this wild chase police say the suspect's 3 year old daughter was sitting in the back seat.

Police were able to catch the suspect and take him into custody. The driver of the other car was also treated on the scene for minor cuts to his hand, but police weren't taking any chances with the young girl who was sitting on the side of the car which hit the building.

Authorities are now trying to find the little girl's mother.

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