Social Workers Rally In Frankfort

There's concern in Frankfort that thousands of social workers could lose their jobs because of state budget cuts.

Dozens of social workers gathered in the capital rotunda on Tuesday afternoon, pushing for laws to help them.

Some workers fear the current budget could cut as many as 3,000 social worker jobs. If that happens, some say the result could be devastating.

"Well, what it would do is double the caseloads or triple the caseloads and when you have that many numbers, you can't possibly serve them. You can't visit them and then things happen and people say, weren't you doing something?" said Ed Wunsch with the National Association of Social Workers.

The general assembly passed social worker protections, called the Boni Bill, last year.

Now, there's concern that cuts could prevent them from putting some of those safeguards into place.

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