Delta Brings World Recognition To Bluegrass

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The Bluegrass is about to get world recognition thanks to Delta airlines. The region is going to be featured in an upcoming edition of Delta's "Sky Magazine."

Chris Denby with Pace Communications says "We don't do separate books it's not a regional and a national, it's all one. If you're in Europe or Asia you're reading the same thing that someone at bluegrass airport or Atlanta." That large audience results in nearly three and a half million people from around the world read the magazine every month.

The articles on The Bluegrass will be more than just travel tips. They will showcase different areas like the business climate, the arts, health care, higher education and since this is a travel magazine after all, it will look at hospitality and tourism.

Area civic leaders hope that this taste of The Bluegrass will entire travelers to make a stop here next time they take to the sky. Michael Gobb with Blue Grass Airport says 25% Of the population is with in one stop of Lexington.

"That means if you board a plane anywhere you can have one stopover and end up here at bluegrass airport."

Keep in mind, the entire region being spotlighted not just Lexington.
Denby says "We will predominantly focus on Lexington but we can't do the area justice without looking at the region as a whole."

Gobb says the timing is perfect with the All-tech FEI 2010 World Equestrian Games getting ever closer. Gobb says "Those who are coming we hope will come early and stay late. There are people out there who don't know they want to come here so we want to educate them as to what makes us so unique."

The article will go in the seat backs June first. Delta estimates nearly 9 million people will fly that month so readership could be even more than the average three and a half million.

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