Baby Born In The Middle Of Busy Lexington Road

An unusual delivery for a Lexington woman who couldn't make it to the hospital on time.

A woman went into labor on Tuesday morning and her husband was rushing her to the hospital, but the new baby just wouldn't wait.

The father pulled into the median on South Broadway, right in front of Bryant's Rent All. Employees say they saw the man jump out of the car and run around to the back, all the while hollering for help.

Employees say it soon became clear that his wife was in labor, so some of them, including a former nurse, rushed out to help.

Baby Gabriella was born before EMS workers could arrive. She weighs in at six pounds, seven ounces.

The new baby and her mom were taken to UK Hospital where they are both said to be in good health.

This is the third child for the couple. They say they want to thank everyone who helped them deliver their little bundle of joy.

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