Flooding Remains After Wednesday's Storm

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It's officially the first day of spring, but things aren't off to a very good start in some parts of the bluegrass.

After a day of heavy rain, many rivers and streams are still flowing out of their banks. Among those, Stoner Creek, in Bourbon County.

Emergency officials have been keeping a close eye on Stoner Creek. They say it is half a foot above flood stage.

Several roads near the creek had to be closed on Wednesday and into Thursday morning because of flooding.

Tarin Johnson, who lives nearby, says the creek rose into her backyard and that the water is not receding fast enough.

Flood warnings were also in effect across parts of western Kentucky on Thursday. The flooding there trapped people inside their homes.

In Henderson, rescuers had to use boats in order to reach people who were stranded.

Some people say the flood waters were as much as three feet deep around their homes.

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