Murder Suspect Enters Guilty Plea

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On October 19th of 2006 the body of 23-year-old Craig Pettit was found just beyond a fence behind a Lexington apartment complex near West Sixth Street.

It was a death that led to the arrest of 23-year-old George Terry.

On Thursday, he admitted to the killing and will spend 25 years in jail, telling the judge he pulled the trigger and then hid the weapon in a hollowed out tree.

This admission comes just one week before his trial was scheduled to start.

The victim's mother, Karen Campbell ,says, "we appreciate that he did plea. It saves us more heartache."

But according to Terry's father, George Terry, Sr., his son was thinking of backing out at the last minute. He says his son acted in self-defense.

Both sides do agree that the Judge's sentence in this case is a fair one and the families look forward to putting this entire ordeal behind them.

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