Big Break In Multi-County Burglary String

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If your home was recently burglarized, your stolen property may be sitting at the Harrison County Sheriff's Department.

Deputies there say they have solved at least six cases in Harrison County alone in the last two weeks.

"We believe we can link those burglaries to more in both Bourbon and possibly Scott Counties," said Harrison County Sheriff Bruce Hampton.

Hampton tells 27 NEWSFIRST his departments big break came two weeks ago when 25-year-old Thomas Perysian was arrested after a Cynthiana homeowner shot him during a burglary in progress on Old Lair Road.

"Just today, Thursday, we have charged Perysian with sixteen related burglary charges and more are probably to come," Hampton said.

Perysian, who is in Jail in Grant County, has admitted to burglaries in Harrison and Bourbon Counties. Investigators also believe he struck in Scott County.

Investigators say they have recovered everything from jewelry to electronics, some of it reported stolen as far back as early February. Much of it, including a 1944 Georgetown High School ring, has not been claimed.

It's believed Perysian didn't act alone and two additional arrests are expected soon.

The Harrison County Sheriffs Department is urging burglary victims to call 859-234-7135 to claim stolen property. They ask that you call Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 4:30.

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