Toddler Falls Out Of Moving Car

Daniel Patrick Crouch is now in good condition at UK Hospital after being airlifted there Thursday night. Those who know the 2-year-old say he gave his parents the scare of their life.

"Yeah, he's a typical two year old. He's a good little boy. He plays and it was just a freak accident," says Rebecca Lewis of her neighbor's toddler.

Police say the boy's parents were driving on Main Street by the post office. The toddler was buckled in his car seat, but police say that didn't keep him in the car.

"The infant unlocked himself from his car seat, opened up the door, and fell out of the vehicle, " says Owingsville Police Chief Todd Tout.

Daniel Patrick suffered some cuts and bruises and a bump to the head. But friends say when his parents rushed to his side, he wasn't moving. They feared the worse. A helicopter was called to take him to the hospital.

Police say the accident is a good reminder of a safety feature many cars have.

Engaging the child safety lock allows parents to open the door from the outside but the door stays shut from the inside.

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