Two Teens Drown In Powell County

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About a half hour before dark on Friday, Brian Rowland and Billy Eversole went fishing at a one acre pond in Powell County.

One of the boys told his mother they weren't going to fish long so when they hadn't returned in some time, family members went looking for them. At 11:53 a call went out to police who found some alarming evidence.

Powell County Emergency Manager tells 27 NEWSFIRST, "There was an old paddleboat there that they were possibly on and it capsized putting them in the water. That's what we believe happened. I have a son the same age so after the first juvenile was found, it kinda choked me up.

Erna Ferguson, who lives in a house overlooking the pond, watched the recovery effort all night long from her window. She says, "Two young lives gone just like that. It's sad, really sad."

Divers from the Morehead-Rowan County Rescue Squad were brought in to use sonar equipment in the recovery process. The first body was retrieved just at 8am Saturday, the second not until around 2pm.

Friends say both boys were football players and good swimmers, but the coroner says the water temperature and the distance the boys were from shore probably contributed to what he ruled a double drowning, and neither boy was wearing a life vest.

There was a glimmer of hope late Friday night when a call came into police regarding a juvenile sitting on a porch in Clay City, soaking wet.
But strangely enough, that situation turned out to be totally unrelated to the one at the pond.

Funeral arrangements have been set for both teens.

Visitation for Brian Rowland is Monday night, from 6 until 9, at the Scobee Funeral Home in Winchester. His funeral will follow Tuesday afternoon at one, also at the funeral home.

Visitation for Billy Eversole is Monday night, from 5 until 9, at the Wells Funeral Home in Stanton. His funeral will follow Tuesday morning at 11, at the Powell County High School gym.

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