Woman May Face Charges For Trashed House

Charges are looming in the case of the Jessamine County house found full of trash.

On Monday, firefighters were called to the scene of a possible fire at a home on Peachtree Road but instead found a house so trashed they could barely get to the fire.

Mayor Russ Meyer had to call in an environmental clean-up crew to get the trash out of the house. He says the cost will be passed on to the homeowner.

Family and friends gathered at the house to help with the clean up on Tuesday, but police say Vicki Mock, the person living in the home, may now need to start looking for legal help.

Captain Chris Cain of the Nicholasville Police Department says Mock will likely face neglect charges since she had a teenager living in the house with her. Cain says the charges against Mock will come once the investigation is complete.

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