Father Of Drowning Victim Talks About His Loss

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Just days after his son drowned in a Powell County lake, Brian Rowland, Sr. wanted to remember his son, Brian Rowland Jr., by talking to 27 NEWSFIRST.

"He was just a great kid, he just had a spark about him and was able to make people laugh, like that," said Rowland, Sr.

15-year-old Brian Rowland, Jr. and his friend, 14-year-old Billy Eversole were found dead on a private lake in Clay City late Friday night, where the two had been fishing together. It's believed one of the teens fell into the water, while the other jumped in the water attempting to save him.

"It doesn't matter who tried to save who, they were best friends and that's what friends do, they risk their lives for each other," said Rowland, Sr.

Both boys were freshmen at Powell County High School. Brian Rowland, Jr. enjoyed racing, fishing, and basketball. His father says he was full of life.

"He had so much promise, we had so many dreams for him and his life was cut way to short," said Rowland, Sr.

While Rowland, Sr. says life without his only son seems unbearable, he knows he must go on.

"I can't give up, I have to put my left foot in front of my right, that's what Brian would of wanted," said Rowland, Sr.

Funeral Services for Brian Rowland, Jr. are Tuesday at 1 PM at Scobee Funeral Home in Winchester. He will be buried at Clarmont Memorial Gardens, also in Winchester.

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