President Bill Clinton in Paris

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The crowd erupted when President Bill Clinton finally took the stage. He was about an hour late but the crowd didn't seem to mind.
Folks lined up around 10 this morning patiently waiting to see and hear what the former president had to say.
It was quite a range of people in attendance...from high school students to senior citizens. Those we talked with said they were excited to see the former president himself but also interested in what he had to say about his wife and her campaign.
Johnny Franklin isn't even old enough to vote yet (he'll be 18 next year) but he says it is important for him to be here. "I'm going to have to spend three years with either a good president or a bad one so I want to know what they think about the issues even if I can't vote."
President Clinton addressed issues from the economy to health care to gas prices. There were also several veterans in attendance and he addressed veterans issue as well saying Hillary is a champion for them and has been for many years.

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