Man Accused Of Killing Former Sheriff Is Found Guilty

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He's the accused trigger man in a plot to murder a former eastern Kentucky sheriff.

A jury found him guilty.

Now that jury now must decide Raymond Harris' punishment.

The family of Paul Browning Junior says after six years their loved one's killer is finally brought to justice.

“When I got the news about my son it just split my heart apart and it stayed that way for six long years,” Lois Woodard, Browning’s mother said

Six long years after the remains of former Sheriff Paul Browning Junior were found in his burnt pick-up truck near highway 119 back in 2002.

Johnny Epperson later admitted to burning the truck and helping with the murder.

Dewayne Harris admitted he helped plan the killing.

Both men testified Raymond Harris pulled the trigger, but defense attorneys claimed the men framed Harris to get plea deals with lesser prison time.

The prosecutor says they weren't given deals.

“Without any promise or any deal they told facts,” Karen Blondell said.

The jury decided beyond a reasonable doubt Harris was guilty.

“I do feel like we're blessed and I just don't know how to express it,” Jayne Browning said.
Even after a trial that's been hard to sit through.

The jury is now expected to consider Raymond Harris' punishment which could range from twenty years in prison all the way to the death penalty.

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