SEC Announces Tournament Ticket Refund

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Those with tickets to the SEC games but couldn't be there in person because of the Tornado will now have a chance to get their money back.

The SEC announced that if you return your unused ticket stub to the place of purchase will get face value for the ticket.

That means if you bought a ticket to Friday night or Saturday afternoon you would receive $45 per ticket. Sunday's ticket price was $35, for a total refund of $125 for all games.

Fans were forced to find other ways to watch the game after a Tornado damaged the Georgia Dome before the Kentucky Georgia game Friday night.

The games were moved to Alexandra Memorial Coliseum, the home of the Georgia Tech Basketball Team. No fans were allowed in as the capacity was well below that of the Georgia Dome.

For more information on the refund, click on the link below for the Southeastern Conference's web site.

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