Truck Hits Worker At Adult Nightclub

Jerry Dale Collins is charged with DUI, wanton endangerment and first-degree assault.

Lexington Police arrested the driver of a pickup truck that slammed into a Lexington adult nightclub Tuesday night, saying he drove into it on purpose.

Police and emergency workers were called to Solid Platinum on East New Circle Road just before 11:00 p.m.

A pickup truck ran into a doorway of the club.

27-year-old Sara Hodgkin, who works at the club, was hurt and went to UK Hospital. She's since been released.

Police say a male employee was walking Hodgkin to her car, but was able to get out of the truck's path.

Police charged the truck's driver, Jerry Dale Collins, 39, with DUI, wanton endangerment and first-degree assault.

Police say Hodgkin is Collins' girlfriend and he intentionally tried to hit her and her co-worker.

Police say building inspectors were called to the building. The building stayed open into early Wednesday morning.

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