Road Trip for Kentucky Dogs

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One Central Kentucky animal shelter has found a solution to having too many dogs and not enough new homes for them. The Paris Animal Welfare Society, or P.A.W.S., in Bourbon County is an open admission's shelter. That means they accept just about any stray, lost, or unwanted dog. It also means they reach their limit faster on the dogs they can house. So the shelter started years ago reaching out to shelters in a section of the country that needs more dogs for adoption. The Bourbon County shelter fostered relationships, and identified nearly a dozen in New England that could take in more dogs. Once a month, two volunteers make the 17-hour drive to New England in a van loaded with dogs. Each animal must be checked by a veterinarian to make the long road trip. The shelter pays for the trips with fund raisers. Shelter workers say it gives them great satisfaction knowing that the Kentucky dogs are going to a loving home, even if it's a long way from the Commonwealth.

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