Time Ticking Away for Budget, Casino Bill.

A discussion of dollars and cents is underway among lawmakers with different ideas on how to spend it. On one side..those who say there needs to be more revenue....through taxes...notably a tobacco tax.

"I consider the tobacco tax a user tax. If you don't smoke, you don't pay," says House Speaker Jody Richards, D-Bowling Green.

But Senators say the state is spending too much and there need to be cutbacks. The purpose of the conference committee is to find a compromise..with only half a dozen or so days to do it.

And then there's casino gambling. Man say the issue is dead...but lawmakers are refusing to write its obituary.

"The fat lady hasn't sung yet but she's pushed away from the table and she's warming up," says John Mark Hack of "Say No to Casinos."

Governor Beshear made casinos a top priority. A meeting between him and legislators leaders Thursday could decide its ultimate fate. He says casinos could pump millions into Kentucky's budget for schools and health care.

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