Dogs At Center Of Animal Cruelty Case Up For Adoption

Many of the dogs that arrived at the Gray Hawk Veterinary Clinic in horrible condition have already been adopted. One couple went to the clinic on Wednesday looking specifically for Beagles and left with three of them.

Dog Lover Al McDonald told 27 NEWSFIRST, "A Beagle is a good dog for anything; hunting, kids, anything. The clinic worms them and gives them a blood test and all that kind of stuff. You know you've got clean dogs. If somebody gives you one, you don't know what you've got. But here they've dipped them. You can't get any better deal than that."

With the number of dogs at the clinic dwindling fast, there's still a pretty good variety available.

Clinic Staff Member Terrie Youngman says, "We've still got big ones, some medium sized ones; the small ones always go first."

Youngman proudly showed us a dog called Bones whose skeleton was clearly visible right through his skin when he first got to the clinic.

Now, he's looking just fine.

The staff hopes a new home will be found for every dog in the clinic by Thursday, but they are realistic enough to know that probably won't happen.

Youngman says, "Not for all of them, but that's okay. There's plenty of love, plenty of food and plenty of water."

But to provide all that, they still need more volunteers, so if you have the time, you could still offer your services by calling 606-287-8475.

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