Activist Group Plans Protest To Downtown Skyscraper

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As we've reported the past few weeks, there are plans to build a skyscraper in downtown Lexington.
The project would require the demolition of an entire city block. One that houses over a dozen different buildings.
An activist group called "Preserve Lexington" says most of those buildings have historical significance.
President of the board Hayward Wilkirson says they have an event planned for this weekend called "save the block" hoping to spread the word.
Wilkirson says of the 14 buildings developers want to demolish, 10 are eligible for the historic register. He says some are architecturally significant others just hold a piece of Lexington history that he says we can't afford to lose.
Wilkirson says his group has done some computer generated configurations of the block and found "Three to three and a half 'big blue buildings' would fit into the open space that's already there."
He says his organization is not against the development, or downtown growth, they just want to preserve history while doing it.
The "save the block" event is Saturday at the Kentucky Theater starting at 10:30 am.
They'll have historical photos and show a short documentary about the block that was created especially for this event.
Wilkirson says time is running out because the development company has already applied for a demolition permit to get started on the project.

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