Long and Loud Not Guilty Plea

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What was expected to be a routine arraignment in District Court in Mt. Sterling on Thursday turned out to be anything but routine.

With Nancy Dunn facing murder charges in the death of her 81-year-old mother, Judge William Lane simply asked the 59-year-old Dunn if she understood the charges. At that point in the video arraignment, with Dunn speaking from jail, things took a dramatic turn.

The defendant practically shouted into the microphone in front of her, "I'm not guilty. I didn't kill my mom. I was the only one there for her. The rest of them were drug addicts, and they were robbing me. I was there in a wheelchair myself."

The judge interrupted to say, "I think your attorneys want you to stop right there, okay."

Despite the advice of counsel and the judge, Nancy Dunn went on to say, "I won't take this charge because I loved my mom."

Two of Dunn's brothers told 27 NEWSFIRST on Wednesday that she had a history of mental problems but that they still want the best for her.

Norvell Strange said, "We really do love our sister, Nancy, and we just ask for people's prayers for her."

After the courtroom outburst, Judge Lane set a preliminary hearing for April 7th pending a competency evaluation.

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