Vultures Are Circling Georgetown

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Some people who live in a Scott County neighborhood say they're under siege. Dozens of turkey vultures are roosting in the Indian Acres neighborhood and other places around Georgetown. "It kinda scares me, cause some of them are so big",says Debra Newsome-Crum. But others like Anna Wiley feels differently, "they're just beautiful to watch", says Wiley.
In some cases some trees are being weighed down by thirty or more birds. Some consider that an invasion--and say, the swooping scavengers leave behind lots of waste and are intimidating.
To combat the pests Georgetown Police are getting involved securing permits to shoot some of the animals down, where they're causing real problems.
Why that seems that's what many would want, 27 Newsfirst is being told otherwise. "They just don't bother anybody. i don't know why anyone would want to shoot them", says Wiley. Others like Sherman Allen go as far as to say despite his annoyance he wants folks to remember something about the vultures, "they're scavengers, they keep the earth clean, don't you know that?"

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