Child Hit By Stray Bullet

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Somerset Police are still investigating a shooting that gave a nine-year-old boy the scare of his life.

"It sounded like an earthquake and the whole house shook when the bullet came through the floor," said Drizzt Robinson.

Drizzt Robinson is doing well after a stray bullet hit him while he was asleep on the floor.

"Here is where it happened, I was right here and this is where the bullet came from," said Robinson.

Striking the young boy in the left leg, "It felt like thousands of needles were hitting me all at once and I had to crawl on the floor," Robinson said.

"We were scared to death, we saw him crawling on the floor and all we could think was, they shot him, is he going to die?" said Angel Cook, Robinson's stepmother.

The bullet lost most of its punch while it traveled through the ceiling of the apartment below at 143 South Central Avenue as well as the floor boards of Robinson's parents upstairs apartment. The bullet never penetrated the boys skin.

Somerset Police heard the shot and responded immediately and they too were not sure what they would find when they arrived at the home.

"If it hadn't gone through the ceiling and the floor boards where it lost most of its energy we would be talking about an entirely different situation," said Detective Shannon Smith with Somerset Police.

Police had already responded to the same residence for a call of shots fired just hours earlier.

30-year-old Anthony Hill was arrested in connection with that shooting. While police arrested Hill in the apartment where the second shooting took place, Hill denied he pulled the trigger that left an entire family in the apartment above scared to death.

"He is the luckiest boy alive, we are so thankful he is still with us, because it could of been so much worse," said Angel Cook.

Hill is currently charged with being in possession of a handgun as a convicted felon.

He's being held in the Pulaski County Jail. Police say he could face additional charges related to both shooting incidents.

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