Investigators Need Help Identifying Third Crash Victim

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Authorites say they know who two of the victims are, but need the public's help identifying the third.
The Coroner identified the known victims as, Jamal Washington, 27, and Brock Clark, 31, both of Paris.

The two men, along with a third female passenger, were traveling down Russell Cave Road at Huffamn Mill Pike around 2:00am Friday when their car ran off the road, crashed into a tree, and burst into flames.

"It's probably one of the worst accidents I've seen in a really long time." Sgt. Paul Simms with Lexington Police said.

The car was so severely damaged police were not able to identify the make or model. The Coroner says Washington was driving the car, he was ejected from it, while Clark and the unidentified woman were still inside. The two were burned beyond recognition.

Washington's girlfriend tells 27 NEWSFIRST the car was a black Chevy Malibu they had recently bought together. Police say speed and alcohol likely played a role in the accident.

The Fayette County coroner's office is looking for anyone who may know the third victim. She is describe as a young adult female, about five feet tall with medium length black hair.
She had several fillings in her jaw teeth and a stainless steel crown on a left lower jaw tooth.
If you have any information call the Coroner at 859-455-5700.

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