Going For New World Record

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Jack Grider's required senior research project at Frankfort High School is what led him to see how far he and 11 friends can push a grocery cart in 24 hours.

Grider says he wrote a paper on the Guinness Book of World Records and the minimum aspects of breaking a record. "A lot of em are just far fetched like way out there. You have to have years of training, and I said this one looks feasible, 183 miles in 24 hours."

That current record was set by a German team in 2005, and Jack knows exactly what it will take to beat it. "We have to average a 7 minute and 50 second mile. It's more than a walk. It's a pretty brisk jog."

They'll push the cart continuously from 10am Saturday to 10am Sunday. Grider says, "I'm not worried about the beginning. It's when we hit about 4 in the morning and we're all running on Gatorade and power bars."

This is a project that fits Jack Grider's approach to life, "Go big or go home."

Although Jack and many of his teammates attend Frankfort High School, their record breaking attempt will take place at Franklin County High School because that venue has a lighted parking lot, and they'll be pushing that cart all night long.

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