Two People Hurt, Horse Killed In Crash

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A crash involving a mini van and a horse trailer tied up a busy Lexington road for hours Saturday afternoon.
The crash happened just after 1:00pm along Paris Pike at Iron Works. The drivers of both vehicles were hurt, and a horse riding in the trailer had to be put down.

People near the scene heard the crash and rushed out to help the drivers and injured horse.

"They said they needed blankets so I ran back out and got blankets" then we called the vet," Chase Spears said.

The driver of the horse trailer suffered some minor injures. He spoke briefly and exclusively to 27 NEWSFIRST about what happened.

"I was coming down Highway 68 and a white van pulled right in front of me. It never stopped," he said.

The road was closed for nearly two hours while police investigated what happened.

Lexington Police say they believe the woman driving the white mini van was at fault and suffered serious injuries.

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