Pothole Repairs Halted By VP Visit

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Dozens of potholes are scattered across parts of New Circle Road and crews were going to start repairing them, until they struck a bump in the road!

The asphalt repairs between Newtown Pike and Harrodsburg Road were halted Monday because they posed a security threat during Vice President Dick Cheney's visit.

Road officials explain traffic may have been limited to one lane on both the inner and outer loops of the heavily traveled highway. Cheney traveled on the effected stretch when he headed from the airport to his host's Ashland Park Home.

The pot-hole problem is largely blamed on an especially harsh winter. In some cases, workers will till up asphalt and then repave because simple patches won't do.

Work is expected to begin on Tuesday and finish Friday. The crews will work from 9 until 3. This is an effort to avoid rush hour traffic.

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