Police Say Rash Of Home Invasions Connected

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Investigators now think the three home invasions all in the last week are connected. Two homes in Boyle County and one in Garrard County were hit. The suspects are still on the run and investigators think they may strike again.

"These guys are dangerous, they've already hit three homes, the probability they will hit again, is high." Said Boyle County Deputy Sheriff, Marty Elliott.

After comparing each crime, officials in Garrard County and Boyle County as well as Kentucky State Police believe the crimes are to similar not to be related.

"They share a lot of the same characteristics, and the methods used to break-in are nearly identical in each case." Said Elliott.

In two of the cases, the suspects cut the homeowner's phone-line. The first of three break-ins happened in Garrard County at the home of Herbert and Margaret Grubbs on Thursday. Police say two masked men forced their way into the couples home armed with guns. They stole cash, jewelry and a car.

On Friday, it's believed the same two men broke into the home of Charles and Norma Yankey's Boyle County home, which is just down the road on Kentucky 52 from the Grubbs home.

"This is where they came in, through the back door." Said Charles Yankey.

He and his wife were asleep when the suspects broke in, they never saw the suspects, but they did get away with cash.

"It's a bit scary to think they were in our house and that close to us." Said Yankey.

Later on Friday, two men forced their way into a home at 434 Chestnut Street in Danville armed with guns demanding money.

"They were pointing their guns at our heads, we kept pushing the guns down." Said Elisa Jackson.

Elisa Jackson says she pleaded with the men to leave, they did, leaving with just a cell phone.

"I was scared, we are still scared and we will be scared until they are caught." Said Jackson.

While police have not made any arrests, they say they do have suspects in mind.

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