22 Dogs Will Be Put To Sleep In Abuse Case

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Pulaski county officials got much more than they bargained for Tuesday when searching a Somerset home for drugs.

Police say inside the home on add Floyd Road they found more than twenty dogs.
The animals were reportedly found living in filthy conditions and in extremely poor health.

Veterinarians say only one of the 23 animals seized is healthy enough to live the rest will be put to sleep.

"It's just heart breaking to see the dogs, especially the puppies in that shape." Said Misty Wilson with the Pulaski County Animal Shelter.

The animals were all found inside the home of Ricki Bell,45. The animals were found living in layers of their own feces.

The dogs were seized immediately by animal control and Bell was arrested on 23 counts of animal cruelty and taken to the Pulaski County Detention Center.

"Whether or not people have good intentions to save these animals in the beginning, if you can't feed them or take care of them, you are not doing them any good," said Wilson.

Bell faces one year behind bars and a $500 fine per animal. He was also charged with a long list of drug related charges.

At this time the Pulaski County Animal Shelter is not asking for assistance.

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