Nanny Scam Hits Central Kentucky

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A Madison County woman was looking through the classifieds in the Richmond Register when she noticed an ad asking for a nanny. She called the phone number, which was an out-of-state number and a message told her to go to for more information. She says the website looked legitimate and even detailed requirements such as you would be taking care of a 3-year old girl and a 4-year old boy. Rodney J. Murphy and Associates also demand you begin work immediately and if you know how to swim and are CPR certified, it says those are pluses. It then asks for a $10 application fee, which you must pay by credit card.

The woman thought it might be a scam, but still paid the ten dollars. Then, she did some research and quickly found the phone number on the ad had hundreds of hits on the internet for being a scam. People all over the United States have posted on various sites that the exact same phone number has been periodically advertised in there local papers since 2002. They warn this is a scam and you will lose your $10 and possibly your identity since you've given your credit card information to pay for the application fee.

The ad director at the Richmond Register says they have pulled the ad and fear the credit card used to buy it was stolen, since a Tennessee address was given. The Register isn't the only Central Kentucky paper to publish the ad. People have seen the same ads in newspapers in Lexington, Frankfort and Owensboro in the past.

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