Dinner And A Movie At McDonald's

If you're a movie buff who also happens to be hooked on the convenience of fast food, there's something new for you around the golden arches.

Sixty-five McDonald's restaurants throughout the Greater Lexington area are now offering movie rentals from Redbox, the automated kiosks.

Gist Heinrich, the president of the Central and Southeast Kentucky McDonald's Cooperative, says, "It's really all about convenience and added service for our customers. Now you can get a Big Mac and fries but get a new release movie as well."

And, while supplies last, there's a special deal going on. Gist says, "Right now, you can come in and order a 32 ounce drink, and you get a free rental for one night."

Glendon Isaacs, one of many who have already combined a trip to McDonald's with renting a DVD, says, "It's quick and easy, and it don't take long to rent a movie; plus it's cheap."

Just how cheap is it? A dollar a day plus tax. You rent your movie any time during the day, and you have until 9PM the following day to return it. And, you don't have to take it back to the same McDonald's where you rented it. Simply return the disc to any Redbox location.

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