CentrePointe Project Delayed

The $250 million dollar high rise project is targeted for the block of Main Street in Lexington between Limestone and Upper. Demolition was expected to begin soon, but now that's not going to happen at least for a while.

The scheduled public hearing and vote on the CentrePoint project by the Courthous Area Design Overlay Board never happened Wednesday.

That's because an attorney for the projects developers asked that their application for permission to demolish existing buildings to construct the high rise be postponed for 60 days. That request came after developer Dudley Webb met for most of the morning with Vice Mayor Jim Gray, who opposes any immediate demolition.

Gray told 27 NEWSFIRST, "This was an encouraging development on the part of the Webb Companies to illustrate that they're willing to entertain and engage community concerns about the project."

Dudley Webb responded by saying, "We want what's best for the community. We've said that all along. There are some other issues that came up that were on the table that kind of confused the issue, matters like the farmers market and concerns about the entertainment venues that really aren't directly related to our project but could be impacted by it. So we thought maybe time would allow cooler heads to prevail."

The lead architect for the project was brought in today to show some drawings of the proposed streetscape, superimposing the building over the downtown area, and it did have some effect on those opposed to the high rise.

Allene Hatch, who lives downtown, said after the meeting, "It softened my opposition slightly but only slightly. I hate the idea of a 40 story building going up in downtown Lexington."

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