Beshear Could Call Special Session

Gov. Steve Beshear says he'll call Kentucky lawmakers back to the Capitol for a special session if Kentucky's economy keeps getting worse.

Beshear says the latest figures for March will show state
revenue is down by about 6 percent. The numbers haven't officially
been released.

The General Assembly has approved a two-year $19 billion
spending plan that Beshear is still reviewing. Beshear says the
budget's biggest problem is there's not enough money to cover all
government expenses.

Kentucky's facing a $900 million revenue shortfall over the next
two years.

Beshear has been urging lawmakers to increase the state's tax on
cigarettes by 70 cents per pack. House legislators approved a
quarter-per-pack hike on cigarettes that was removed during
deliberations with the Senate.
The legislation is House Bill 406.

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