Keightley's Hometown Remembers "Mr. Wildcat"

People in the town of Lawrenceburg are saying a special goodbye to Mr. Wildcat.
Bill Keightley moved away from Lawrenceburg a long time ago, but he never forgot his Anderson County roots.

"They were sunk here and stayed here. And he was Anderson County through and through. Whenever you did see him, he knew who you were. He never forgot you," said Glenn Birdwhistell, who was one of Keightley's neighbors.

Keightley attended the old Kavanaugh School, which is now a popular restaurant. He played center for the high school basketball team.

"He was a good player. He got state honorable mention. Bill was kind of the leader of the team. He had a hook shot. He could go either way," said Paul Hanks, Keightley's high school teammate.

"Bill Keightley was one and only. I think when the good Lord made Bill Keightley, he had a certain pattern, and he didn't make anybody else from that same pattern," said Hanks.

Many in Lawrenceburg said Keightley was a great storyteller.

"It was always interesting, and he gathered people. He loved his Wildcats," said Tommy Shelton.

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