Animal shelter taking extra precautions due to parvo outbreak

ESTILL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A community is dealing with an outbreak, affecting animals. Dozens of dogs in Estill and surrounding counties have been sickened, and some have even died, from parvo.

The Estill County Animal Shelter in Ravenna takes in dogs from five different counties. Because many dogs brought to the shelter have had the virus, shelter leaders are taking extra precautions when new pups come in.

"We've met with two veterinarians here, and a local health department to discuss those things and ways to try to hinder or prevent parvo," Estill County Judge/Executive Wallace Taylor said.

Shelter leaders say none of the dogs they currently have up for adoption have parvo.

They have created a quarantine room where all dogs are checked out before coming into the shelter.

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