Flooding Forces Evacuations In Jessamine County

Most people have returned to their homes after a very early wake up call. Some said that Thursday night the creek was in its banks. But Friday morning it was practically in their bedrooms.

Michelle Kelley has been up since before dawn. Her day began with an evacuation. Now with the water receding, she's back home, assessing the damage.

"My little red car here had water all up in it. My van had water up in it," said Kelley, of Tates Creek Estates in northern Jessamine County.

Most of the problems were on Lois Lane and early Friday morning, it was more like a river than a road. Dogs began barking and rescue crews arrived to pull many to safety. Neighbors came to the aid of others.

'And that's when we started getting people out of their houses...down through here," said Doug Marcum, who helped his neighbors escape the rushing water.

People say the creek jumps its bank nearly every time there's a heavy rain. Some have had enough.

"i'm glad we moved. I told them when it flooded last year, we're moving. 30 days we were out of there," said former resident Lester Storms.

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